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WhatNot Shop Photography

Cleveland, Ohio 

(and surrounding areas)


Getting Ready for your Shoot...

     Portraits and Family

Outfits/looks- Read through the information on the session you chose, as it lists how many outfits/looks to prepare to bring with you and can be helpful in preparing for your session.  Let me know if you have any questions!  

In Individual sessions, the outfits can be any color but something interesting that showcases a particular look or personality is best.  Lots of small prints don't always work well with all backgrounds, bold solid colors layered with other items normally work well.   Bringing at least one solid color shirt or dress is helpful for timeless photos and layering can provide lots options.  Think jewelry, hat, headband, glasses, scarf, tie, sweater, jacket- these might make some fun options.  A few images can be taken with any accessory and then it can be removed for greater versatility.

For family sessions, creating a cohesiveness is often a better choice than having everyone wear exactly the same color or pattern.  Your adorable little ones can pull off bold colors or a print, while adults tend to do better with sensible solids that coordinate but do not match each other or the children.  Having several similar colors (like tans, browns, whites, dark greens, with pops of bright yellow) work really well if they are dispersed among the family.  Other color combinations (blues, whites, tans, with pops of bright pink, red, OR yellow) can also work well if patterns are limited and specifically chosen.  Try to choose three basic colours for everyone to go together with one pop colour for a few pieces (a skirt, a tie, maybe a cute pair of shoes...)  Basically, you want the family to look cohesive but not be competing for attention.  Of course there are exceptions, but this is an idea of what might work for your family.

Newborns and Babies need additional items to include their lifestyles and personalities in their pictures.  Bring their favorite or fuzzy blanket and a toy that they love.  Toys that look classic (stuffed animal, something wooden, sometimes solid colors) are timeless and photograph well.  Do they have a headband, hat, outfit, or something that is special and adorable?  Bring it.  A solid color diaper cover is also great, especially if you don't want as many naked baby shots.  We don't have to use everything, but having options of items that are their own is best.  We also have additional props which help create fabulous images, but including pieces of you in your pictures is often best.

For anyone, it is best to get any beauty services done a few days before where you don't have the "just cut" look or any lingering effects of the service.  You want to be prepared and show your best side, but you don't want to have a beauty disaster that shows up in your pictures.  Being put together with wrinkle free clothes are what is most important to look polished.

RELAX!  We are going to have fun and get some great shots! :)

Putting Your Best Face Forward...


We all need headshots for different reasons, such as for your business card, to update a website, use on a resume or CV, or even as a new facebook profile picture.   Let's make sure yours is current and recent.  They don't have to be the gray speckled background of the past, they can be you and updated.  Some locations that might work well:

  • your office or home, in front of a bookcase, featuring interesting architecture, or utilizing a great textured service like a brick or wood wall

  • outdoors with gorgeous natural light and blurry trees in the background

  • urban setting, reflective storefront windows or framing you in an interesting surface

  • doing what you do where you do it (whatever that is! Let's talk about how to make this work!)

  • of course I also have classic and clean solid black and solid white backgrounds if that's what you prefer or what is required

Now the tricky part- what do you wear?  Try to stick to something fitted and flattering, fitted is flattering for all sizes as long as it isn't too tight or the buttons aren't pulling.  You probably aren't going to update your headshots yearly, so choose to wear something that will not immediately date the picture that is timeless and classic.  Make sure to choose something professional if you are a professional.  Button up shirts with jackets, sweaters, or layers work really well because they have a polished look and allow you to add in some varying color and texture.  Jewel tones like green, blue, or purple are typically flattering for most people.   Darker, bolder classics like navy, chocolate, hunter green, gray, and maroon are all good choices too.  If possible, try to stay away from solid black or solid white, they're not the best with off camera lighting and backdrops.  This doesn't mean that you can't have a black jacket, just add a colored shirt underneath for interest.  Flesh tones like tan, beige, brown aren't always flattering for every skin tone, so those are typically best to avoid, too.  Solids are fantastic; try to stay away from very small prints of herringbone, houndstooth, tight plaids, or tiny stripes as they can cause moire in the camera and make your pattern look strange.   Modest necklines are very flattering, not too low or high (try to stay away from turtlenecks or deep plunges.)  Men, if you aren't wearing a tie, unbuttoning a button or two can be flattering.  If you have a tie, it should be a color between your darkest and lightest colors (dark jacket, medium tie, lighter shirt.)  

Things that may date your headshot:

  • big or very fashionable jewelry, try to stick to classic

  • very trendy fashions 

  • extreme hairstyles that you don't typically wear, showcase yourself as you are

Get a great picture by:

  • following the clothing recommendations above

  • making sure your clothes are clean, wrinkle free, and well fitted

  • using matte foundation and powder to keep away shine and reflection from the lights

  • ladies, it's okay to add a bit more make-up but don't go more than you typically would wear to a fancy dinner

  • neatly trimmed hair (including beards)

  • showing the best side of yourself!

Most importantly, wear something that you know that you look good in.  Come pressed and polished!  Wrinkles show, and shiny fabrics shine.  Just be aware and let me know if you have questions!  Confidence comes through, so we will get some professional, classic headshots for you!