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Cleveland, Ohio 

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  • Nikki Fiely

Let's Just Go With It, Okay?

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

As a photographer, I find inspiration in connections between people and in the #beautyoflife. Although I appreciate the desire for a formal, coordinated family #portrait to hang above your mantle, I also LOVE to shoot a natural #familysession. This #momandson were an amazing duo with such a strong connection it was easy to see their love! Just look at this little guy holding his moms' hand as they casually stroll through a field of #wildflowers. We all take time to do that, right? By slowing down, taking our time, and genuinely enjoying the afternoon together, the images we captured are relaxed, loving, intimate portrayals of their #boymom relationship. I love utilizing an eclectic mix of #documentary, #lifestyle, and #posedfamilysessions. Of course, the images will vary from #session to session, but they will be #uniquelyyours. So, before your session, relax and come ready to enjoy your time spent #makingmemories for you or your family. During the session, let's just go with it, okay? Follow the silly prompts I give you, interact with one another, enjoy yourself! Look where we are, can you sit somewhere cute and enjoy the moment? Is there a field of flowers calling for you to lay down in? Do it! Are you dying to dip your feet in the creek, or step across the stones? Let's wait until the end of the session, but YESSS! Talk to me, tell me what you are loving, what makes you feel beautiful, and how your family truly interacts. Show me the real. Show me the funny. Show me the best parts of you and your family! I want to capture them for you! Poke through this special duo's gallery here. You'll notice we added some fun #sportspictures and #matteedits in additional albums! How can we personalize your #photographysession?

Cleveland Family Photographer