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  • Nikki Fiely

Giving Back

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

If you've read my bio on the WNS website, you already know that I was a #teacher for 14 years and Paul is currently a public school principal. We've had long, successful careers in #education, and as such, have had many opportunities to help #growcommunities by improving current schools or even opening new schools in areas that needed them! We've been incredibly lucky to work with #amazingteachers and be a part of #supportivecommunities that #valueeducation, which directly impacts #thefuture. In Abu Dhabi, a vibrant metropolis in the United Arab Emirates located in the #middleeast, we were part of the administration team for 6 years which opened and ran 11 new schools for local Emerati children! The schools were well resourced, funded, recruited teachers of many nationalities and religions from all over the world, and provided #equaleducation for the boys and girls! It continues to be extremely important to me that at every stage and opportunity, we take time to #giveback and #makeourcomminutybetter. With education, that goal is easy to accomplish through hard work and focusing on improving the lives of our students. Through photography, it is not as easy to see day to day, but through #bodypositive ideals, capturing #familylove through photographs, and documenting #reallife, I help contribute happiness in daily life and to the memories we can hold forever. Hopefully, the images I create remind families and individuals alike what makes them special. Occasionally, I'm also given the opportunity to #supportafundraiser, work with other #smallbusiness owners, or support a project to help others. I love the opportunity to #contribute what I can. Just this morning, I sent off a #giftcertificate for a free photography session to a location organization raising money for the #UnitedWay through a #silentauction. Awesome!

Using our talents in ways that can help others is extremely important! Being a part of the #community and #givingback is vital! We're all on this crazy ride of life together, why not make it a great one? Are you in #cleveland? #Clevelandheights? #Universityheights? Me too! If you have a awesome cause that you think I would be a good fit to participate in, contact me! Let's collaborate and #makegreatthingshappen!