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WhatNot Shop Photography

Cleveland, Ohio 

(and surrounding areas)

  • Nikki Fiely

Cleveland...welcome home!

We're finally here. #Home. Looking back, I'm not sure that, at any point in my life, I would have earmarked #cleveland as home, or as anywhere I would likely live for that matter. Life has a funny way of making things happen that you don't always expect. My husband, Paul, and I started our married life in our college town of #Louisville, #Kentucky. Our alma matter is #UofL and we loved our time there, totaling a dozen years! The world was calling, though, and we left the continent we knew as home for the entirety of our lives to see what else was we could find tucked away in the corners of the planet we affectionately call ours. What we found was a #homeawayfromhome in #AbuDhabi, #UAE. I'm sure there will be many more blogs about the incredible 6 years we lived, loved, and traveled from there, so I'll keep my focus on what we now know as home. There is an old adage that says "you can't ever go home." I have lived this. When one leaves home; time goes on. Home changes. People change. More than anything, though, YOU change. Home is no longer home. #Cominghome to America, our country was warm and comforting, yet unfamiliar and peculiar. What we once only knew now didn't quite fit the same way. Paul and I settled into an amazing loft in Colorado, looking for new landscapes and #aplacetocallhome. We welcomed Bibi, a tiny spec of a cocker spaniel, to our little family, and started our new lives halfway across the country, no make that halfway around the world, from what had been home. Little did we know or expect it, but Cleveland was calling even then. Paul is from #Ohio, and has always been a #buckeye at heart. Only two short years into Colorado, a job opportunity presented itself that Paul couldn't turn down. Luckily for me, it also made it possible for me to leave my 14 year career in education and follow my passion as a #photographer. We bid farewell to our beloved Colorado, leaving yet another house and home behind, found an adorable renovated Craftsman in #ClevelandHeights, and opened #WhatnotshopPhotography! I look forward to putting down roots and becoming a #buckeyeatheart too! More than that, I am super excited to continue my #photographyjourney. Join me on my adventure and let me capture #specialmemories for you here in Cleveland! At the very least, head over to my #travelphotography gallery and sneak a peek at some of the incredible places we've been before we finally made it here. Before we made it home.